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Corbett Bowen - Owner, CAB Enterprises I was born in 1960 and was raised and worked on the family farm until November 1977. At that time I had completed the required units for graduation and was employed by L.H. Bass and Son’s Electrical on the construction side. Bass also operated a motor shop which allowed me to gain experience in motor operation and repair along with construction and service. In the early years we did commercial, light industrial and began to transform to heavy industrial. Feed mill repair led in to feed mill construction with new turn heads and pellet mills. From there we began repair and construction at Claxton poultry plant. In the early 1980’s Georgia Pacific had a MCC failure and we were called to replace it as quickly as possible. We did and still work for Georgia Pacific today. My first job as foreman was at Cross City, Florida. We connected an edger, trimmer, curved chain, and sorter.

In 1993 Jimmy Pearson, Grady Miles and I decided to form our company and provide electrical and mechanical under one roof. T.O.C. stayed busy in the building products group and expanded to other groups. We removed a canning plant from Worthington MN and reinstalled and connected it in Douglas, Ga. in 1994/95. We took a crew out from Sao Paulo, Brazil and connected bottle line equipment for Plastic Pack Corp.

In 2000 we decided to split the mechanical and electrical. T.O.C. bought my shares and Bonnie and I formed “Corbett and Bonnie Enterprises”, C.A.B. Enterprises.

We hit the ground running and have been able to expand every year except a couple. We have maintained approximately 12 employees and have had up to 40, when the jobs required it. Check out our tools list and you’ll see that we buy and maintain top of the line tools. We won’t show up on your site with a “hand bender and threader”. Please take a moment to review our customer list with references. We are ISNetworld members you can check our safety record for yourself. CAB Enterprises Building Image

My personal creed is, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” My personal motto is, “I’d rather be blessed than smart”

Over the years I have been blessed with the help of many people whom I consider to be great friends which have pushed, pulled and walked along with us to create one of the best Electrical Shops in the south east. There are way too many to list all, but a few of the closest are mentioned on our certifications page.

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