Useful Information

To Find the Area of an Object

  • -To find the area of a circle multiply square of diameter by .7854
  • -Doubling the diameter of a circle increases its area by four times
  • -The area of a circle times 1.273 equals the area of base 1/3 the altitude
  • -To find the area of a rectangle multiply length by breadth
  • -To find the area of a triangle multiply base by 1/2 perpendicular heights
  • -To find the area of a trapezoid add the lengths of the two parallel sides, divide by two, and multiply by the height

To Find the Diameter of an Object

  • -To find the diameter of a circle multiply by .31831
  • -A side multiplied by 1.128 equals diameter of an equal circle
  • -Square A side multiplied by 1.4142 equals diameter of its circumscribing circle
  • -Doubling the diameter of a pipe increases its capacity by four times

To Find the Circumference of an Object

  • -To find the circumference of a circle multiply by 3.1418
  • -A side multiplied by 4.443 equals circumference of its circumscribing circle
  • -A side multiplied by 3.547 equals circumference of an equal circle

To Find the Surface of an Object

  • -To find the surface of a ball multiply square of diameter by 3.1416
  • -To find surface of a cone not including the base multiply 3.1416 by radius of base slant height

To Find Other Measurements of an Object

  • -To find the side of an inscribed square multiply diameter by .7071 or multiply circumference by .2251 or divide circumference by 4.4428
  • -To find the side of a square of equal area multiply diameter by .8862
  • -To find cubic inches in a ball multiply cube of diameter by .5236
  • -To find cubic contents of a cone, multiply area of base 1/3 the altitude

Other Useful Information

  • -To find the volume of a ball multiply cube of diameter by .5236
  • -A gallon of water (U.S. Standard) weights 8 1/3 lbs. and contains 231 cubic inches
  • -A cubic foot of water contains 7 1/2 gallons, 1728 cubic inches, and weights 621 1/2 lbs
  • -Steam rising from water at its boiling points (212 degrees) has a pressure equal to the atmosphere (14.7 lbs to the square inch)
  • -Standard horse power: The evaporation of 30 lbs of water per hour from a feed water temperature of 100 degree F. into steam of 70 lbs gauge pressure
  • -To find the pressure in pounds per square inch of a column of water multiply the height of the column in feet .434
  • -To find capacity of tanks any size: given dimensions of a cylinder in inches, to find its capacity in U.S. gallons: Square the diameter, multiply by the length and by .0034
  • -To ascertain heating surface in tubular boilers multiply 2/3 the circumference of boiler by length of boiler in inches and add to it the area of all the tubes
  • -One-sixth of tensile strength of plate multiplied by thickness of plate and divided by one half the diameter of boiler gives safe working pressure for tubular boilers. For marine boilers add 20 percent for drilled holes
  • -To find the capacity of an air compressor in cubic feet of free air per minute, mulitply the area of low pressure cylinder (on compound compressor), or area of simple compressor cylinder in square inches, by the stroke in inches, and divide by 1728; and multiply this result:
    • a) In single acting, simple or compound, by the R.P.M
    • b) Doubling acting, simple or compound, by 2 x R.P.M
    • c) Duplex double acting by 4 x R.P.M

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